Beurer EMS Neck Pads 20

Beurer EMS Neck Pads 20

Reference: EM20Neck Brand: Beurer

Beurer EM 20

Beurer EM 20 is an inventive EMS massager for stomach muscles unwinding through utilization of the EMS knead (electro strong incitement rub). Made of adaptable therapeutic silicone elastic, the Beurer EM 20 Sixpack EMS Massager can be connected precisely and decisively to the stomach zone for mitigating and unwinding back rub of abs. The Beurer EM 20 EMS cushion is thin and adaptable and effortlessly versatile to the body shape for impeccable fit amid focused on stomach EMS knead sessions.

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Beurer EMS Massager

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Whilst the Beurer EM 20 Sixpack EMS Massager supports muscle unwinding, decreases muscle exhaustion furthermore helps muscle restoration by enhancing muscle quality and perseverance. 

Beurer EM 20 Sixpack EMS Massager can help you unwind and diminish muscular strength weariness with relieving EMS knead. The Beurer EM20 Sixpack is appropriate for empowering the stomach muscles. The cushion is anything but difficult to utilize and gives EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) at just squeezing a catch. The cushion incorporates four cathodes, which are covered with a taking after toward oneself gel film. You can modify the force of the muscle incitement as per your needs, by selecting from 15 power levels. The EMS cushion is battery worked, agreeable and adaptable to utilize.

Beurer EM 20 has a number of features such as  being soft and adaptable, comfortable and safe, targeted utilization. It also comes with adjustable power (15 levels), automatic switch-off with battery that can be supplanted. This gadget is fueled by batteries. The conveyance contains typical (non-rechargeable) batteries. Alternatively, you can arrange rechargeable batteries.