Omron Body Composition Monitor HBF-212

Omron Body Composition Monitor HBF-212

Reference: HBF-212 Brand: OMRON

Body Composition Monitor HBF-212

Omron HBF-212 Body Composition Monitor offers a unique monitoring report comprehensively measuring vital body signs like body weight, body fat and Basal metabolic rate which directly indicates the healthiness quotient. Most monitors measuring body counters neglect the relation between body fat and heart functions.

Omron HBF-212 Body Composition Monitor highlights this fact and calibrates the body fat with cholesterol level in the blood stream. In addition to it, basal metabolic rate also signals the obvious symptoms like arthritis and back spasms due to excess weight.

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Omron Body Composition Monitor HBF-212

For those who have a busy lifestyle and can’t afford to a medical centre to take a blood test, they can rely on the body composition monitor. Available in attractive colours, the Omron HBF-212 Body Composition Monitor has a scratch-proof LCD display screen that can detect flat footing surface against an inclined one.

With body sensors installed in its circuit it can be used in all temperatures and in all terrain with uniform accuracy. Packed with a memory chip that can store data for 4 distinct users, the Omron Monitor has already earned commercial as well critical acclaim for its international body design.


• Glass-Top Slim Design.
• Weight Measured: 0 kg to 135 kg.
• BMI: 2.5-90.0 (0.1 units).
• Body fat percentage: 5.0-50.0% (0.1% unit).
• An internal organ fat level: : 1-30 (1 level unit).
• Memory: For four people.
• Dimensions (Weight): approx. W285 x H28 x D210 mm.
• Mass: Approx. 1.3 kg (including battery).
• Power Supply: 4 x AAA batteries.

TypeBody Composition Monitor