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Sigg Siggnature Sports Bottle Red 0.6 L

Sigg Siggnature Sports Bottle Red 0.6 L

Reference: 7610465832424 Brand: SIGG

Sports Water Bottle

All-in-one Outdoor Cutlery by SIGG offers a practical and compact accessory for your backpacking adventure trips. The stainless-steel knife, fork and spoon set is ideal for extreme trekking.

SIGG is a Switzerland based renowned brand that is well known for its Swiss Quality sports bottle that are handy during adventure trips or other outdoor activities. They have used the same high quality expertise in manufacturing the Outdoor Cutlery setting high standards for its competitors.

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Sigg Siggnature Sports Bottle Red 0.6 L

Made from stainless-steel, SIGG Outdoor Cutlery is what you need during your traveling adventures. This amazing all-in-one stainless-steel knife, fork and spoon set is very compact to carry around as well as very easy to use as a knife, fork or spoon as per your needs. You also get a nylon beltbag along with the Outdoor Cutlery set that makes it easy to carry around as well as easily accessible when you need it.

Many companies in the past have tried to replicate the technology used by SIGG to create similar products but none of these products have even come closer to the quality set by the products from SIGG. SIGG Outdoor Cutlery set is not too far behind offering the best customer experience when compared to its line of sports bottle series.

SIGG Outdoor Cutlery set boasts of a simple yet elegant design that is classy yet appeals to the modern generation. It is considered to be your ideal tool for all your adventure trips or other traveling escapades. Rather than carrying multiple cutlery items in your bag, you can use SIGG Outdoor Cutlery set which is an all-in-one solution and you can carry it around your waist belt with the help of Nylon belt bag.

Features of SIGG Outdoor Cutlery set:

  • Compact and well-designed offering excellent user experience
  • All-in-One Sigg Outdoor Cutlery set includes fork, knife, spoon and bottle opener. 
  • Easy to disassemble for use and care
  • Includes a nylon belt bag.
Capacity0.6 L