ShockWatch WarmMark Long Run Temperature Indicator

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ShockWatch WarmMark Long Run Temperature Indicator

The Shockwatch WarmMark long run temperature indicator is a cost effective and disposable indicator that monitors temperatures during product storage and trasportation, indicating whether the goods have been subjected to unacceptable and harsh conditions or not. Affixed directly to your products or their packaging, these indicators provide visual evidence of exposure to unacceptable levels of temperarure.

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ShockWatch WarmMark Long Run Temperature Indicator

Temperature Indicator Online

If the window of the indicator says white then there’s no problem, but if the temperature climbs beyond a specific limit then a red dye moves through the window. When the temperature falls below the threshold the dye stops its progression. This way the consumers are able to figure out the intensity of the temperature.

The brand Shockwatch has been a global leader in engineering tilt indicators, temperature monitoring and impact indicator devices. Shockwatch basically offers a complete range of solutions designed to protect your products from impact and tilt at any point during supply, be it shopping via truck, air, rail or sea. At Shockwatch, we promise to provide you with reliable and accurate information about the environment and events that will alert the customers if their products are handled with care or not and even when their products are outside their direct control.  Our objective at Shockwatch is to give the customers their peace of mind. We want that our customers be totally carefree while shipping their quality products.


Activation temperatures

10°C / 50°F or 31°C / 88°F

Exposure Time Period
Up to seven days

Pressure sensitive

Brand NameShockWatch
Dimension0.75 in × 3.88 in × 0.06 in