Travel Combo for Safety

Travel Combo for Safety

Reference: SFT1 Brand: Safetykart

Travel Combo for Safety

The travel combo for safety includes 2 packs of Pee Safe Multi Use Wet Wipes, 1 Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer, 1 Wiclenz Anti Bacterial Instant Hand Sanitizer and 1 Resqme Key Chain Car Emergency Tool. Pee Safe Multi Use Wet Wipes are handy & can be used in homes, offices, restaurants etc.


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Travel Combo for Safety

Travelling is not complete without the basic products which need to be carried. The combo is filled with all the safety products that must be available with the traveler. These entire safety products are rigorously tested under experienced professionals that keep you safe on your journey.  

Uses of products available in the combo-

Pee Safe Multi Use Wet Wipes:  Used in homes, offices etc. Also, it can be used in restaurants before or after having food. It removes dirt from furniture and keeps you away from infectious diseases. It is available in a pack of 2. 

Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer:  It ensures protection against germs and bacteria. It cleanses, sanitizes and deodorizes the toilet.This eminent product is a travel friendly and can be used via travelling in flights, trains or in waiting rooms. It removes the unpleasant odours and deodorizes the toilets. Now, you have need to worry about the diseases as this small product can save you from the big infections and diseases like Diarrhea, Urinary tract infection etc. 

PeeSafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray cleans 99.99% Bacteria Germs

Wiclenz Anti Bacterial Instant Hand Sanitizer: The eminent hand sanitizer keeps your hands free from germs and viruses. It can be included in your ideal camping bag to protect you.

Resqme Key Chain Car Emergency Tool: It keeps you safe from the emergencies like flood, fire as it has a cutter that can easily cut your seat belt & after that activate the window breaker and shatter the window. It’s a crucial product that must be available with each traveler.

This effective Resqme Keychain can be used multiple times. The blade is highly durable and provides longer functional life in cutting seat belts. The product is made under the highly qualified professionals. Resqme, because of its eminent performance is tested and approved worldwide by many public safety organizations such as police departments, Fire fighters and paramedics.