Miami Carry On Travel Kit 3 in 1 | Travelling Pillow | Travelling Eye Mask | Ear Plug Set

Reference: MIAMI3IN1 Brand: Miami

Miami Carry On Unisex 3 in 1 Travel Set is ideal for you to go out on a trip free from worries. The travel set consists of travel pillow, ear plugs and eye masks. The travel accessories provide comfort while you travel.

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Miami Carry On Travel Kit 3 in 1 | Travelling Pillow | Travelling Eye Mask | Ear Plug Set

The eye mask is apt for use while sleeping. It helps decrease the amount of light entering eyes. Thus, light is no more any cause of sleeplessness. Eye masks are made up of foam that help you sleep peacefully. Similarly ear plugs are the perfect solution to keep away the noise around you. Loud music, snoring or traffic horns hamper your peace as well as sleep, hence the ear plugs prevent loud noise reaching your ears. You get to be comfortable and sleep peacefully especially on travel. The travel pillow is inflatable with ergonomic design that gives a soft cushioning and allows you to sleep or rest your neck and head comfortably. The pillow is soft and provides comfort to people suffering from neck pains. The pillow can be used at home, car, travel etc. The set of 3 in 1 is perfect for travelling peacefully avoiding barriers to sleep. 


  • Ear Plugs help decrease noise
  • Sleeping eye masks prevents lights hampering your sleep
  • Travel pillow provides soft cushioning
  • Perfect set for travel or home purpose
  • Unisex