SafetyKart Travel Hygiene Combo Plus

SafetyKart Travel Hygiene Combo Plus

Reference: STHCP Brand: PeeSafe

SafetyKart Travel Hygiene Combo Plus

Travel Hygiene Combo Plus  is a pack of three constituents that are highly essential during your move out from home. These products cater for your well being, hygiene and a comfortable journey possible.

This consists of:

Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray 75ml

Wiclenz Hand Sanitizer 59 ml - Expiry Date: January 2017

Pee Safe Multi-Use Wet Wipes 10 Pcs

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SafetyKart Travel Hygiene Combo Plus

This travel hygiene combo Plus  has three products that can be effectively used during a trip that ensures your well being and hygiene.

Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray kills 99.9% germs from toilet seats and deodorizes making them clean and fresh to pee. This spray is a disinfectant that sanitizes and cleans toilet seats in just a few seconds. It kills bacteria and other germs that are mostly present in public washrooms. This sanitizer ensures protection against diseases like diarrhoea, gastroentitis, UTI( Urinary Tract Infection) etc. It can be used while travelling via trains, buses, gflights or in waiting rooms.


  • Sanitizes and deodorizes toilet seats
  • Easy to carry and use in travel
  • Suitable for both public as well as personal washrooms
  • Removes deadly germs and microbes
  • Weight : 75 ml

Wiclenz Hand Sanitizer is ideal for use to clean hands and fingers. Before and after having food this sanitizer is to be sprayed on hands and wiped off to remove germs and dirt from hands. This also prevents germs causing infectious diseases. This hand sanitizer is travel friendly as well skin friendly. It can also be used after washing hands with soap water to kill germs from use of towel, taps, sink, door knobs, basin etc.


  • Works fast and effective
  • Easier to carry in travel
  • Leaves hands clean and soft
  • Removes germs and dirt
  • Weight : 59ml

Pee Safe Multi Use Wet Wipes is available in pack of 10 wipes that can be easily used during travel trails. These wipes clean and leave a soft dry skin, hands and fingers without a trace of dirt or germs. These wipes can be used at multiple areas barring the skin like surface areas of furniture, books, stationery, electrical or kitchen appliances etc. During travel, you come across various places and different people, thus, make a higher chance of infections passing on from one to another. Thus, these wipes are ideal to save you from receiving germs and cleaning or removing dirt from your aura.


  • Available in pack of 10 wipes
  • Prevents diseases
  • Removes disease causing germs
  • Easier to carry and use during travel