Beurer Instant Thermometer with Flexible Tip

Beurer Instant Thermometer with Flexible Tip

Reference: FT15/1 Brand: Beurer

Beurer Instant Thermometer with Flexible Tip

Beurer Instant Thermometer with a Flexible Tip is an electronic thermometer with a flexible tip to make it easier for you to measure accurate temperature of the body. It measures the temperature with extra high speed, usually within ten seconds of contact with the surface. This medical device has been properly tested in various clinics and is absolutely safe to use. It also has an automatic switch off feature, which shuts the thermometer if no button has been pressed in a while; helping to save the battery.

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Beurer thermometer also does not pose a threat of breaking and causing spilling of mercury, like ordinary thermometers. There is no glass and mercury, making it safe to be used by children and infants. Its instant readings is also helpful with small children as they are very restless and tend to move around a lot. The thermometer has 1 memory space and has sounds that signal when the measurement has been taken and the result has been shown. In addition to this, it also has alarms that sound when the body has a fever.

The Beurer Instant Thermometer, with a flexible tip, is very easy to use and the readings on the large, easy to read screen are very clear and understandable. It has high accuracy and is also waterproof. This allows you to take the temperature of a liquid too, and not worry about getting a negative reaction in case it comes in contact with any liquids. It is also easy to disinfect the thermometer, without and problems.