Beurer Clinical Thermometer

Beurer Clinical Thermometer

Reference: FT09 Brand: Beurer

Beurer Clinical Thermometer FT09

The Beurer Clinical Thermometer is a common medical thermometer is used for measuring the body temperature of human beings. The tip of the thermometer is put in the mouth under the tongue (oral or sub-lingual temperature), beneath the armpit (axillary temperature), or into the rectum (rectal temperature). This makes it easy to use for children as well, because with ordinary thermometers, there is always the risk of small children biting the glass and accidently drinking the mercury. This is safe and easy to use. 

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The Beurer Clinical thermometer is a digital thermometer that automatically detects the body temperature and provides accurate results on the screen. It is very accurate and is better than ordinary thermometers as it can be easily reset to normal temperature and is very easy to read. It does not have mercury filling or glass make, like ordinary thermometers, and hence is way more safe and easier to use.

The Beurer clinical Thermometer is waterproof, and hence causes no problems if it comes in contact with water or any other liquid. It is also not necessary to keep specifically disinfecting it after every use. This medical product has been clinically tested and is absolutely safe. It has an automatic switch off feature which switches off the thermometer when no button is pressed for a particular time period.

This saves battery and helps one pair of batteries to last a long time. When purchased, this thermometer comes with batteries and a protective cover for storing the digital thermometer when not in use.