Sofy Bodyfit Slim Side Walls XLarge - 12 Pads

Sofy Bodyfit Slim Side Walls XLarge - 12 Pads

Reference: 8903622065728 Brand: Sofy

Sofy Pads

This Sanitary Napkins keeps you active for longer hours. The "3 Way Leakage Control System" of these pads provide long lasting Absorbency and preserves the shape of the napkin.

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Sofy Bodyfit Slim Side Walls XLarge Pads

For each napkin makes it easy to carry & keeps napkin clean. Absorbs quickly and gentle to the skin. Helps keep the napkin in shape to prevent leakage. Prevent flow from reaching the edges. Fits the body and absorbs directly in the center.

Sofy Bodyfit Slim Side Walls Pads has a comfy dry cover which absorbs the flow quickly and is gentle to the skin. Today's girl has her own opinion and no tolerance for unreasonable matters, even during Periods she does not want to tolerate a napkin that is not long lasting as her. These pads from Sofy provides a "3 Way Leakage Control System" for full protection for any leakage & main the hygiene in menstrual periods.

Specifications Sofy Pads :

• Double absorbent core
• Multi leak control lines
• Shape maintenance system