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Khadi Fruit Face Pack 50 gm

  • Khadi Fruit Face Pack 50 gm
  • Khadi Fruit Face Pack 50 gm

Khadi Fruit Face Pack 50 gm

Reference: KN0447 Brand: Khadi Natural

Khadi Fruit Face Pack 50 gm

Khadi fruit face pack is a herbal paste apple, orange peel,papaya seeds, pomegranate, cucumber,fullers earth, sandalfenugreek, neem and rose extract. With vitamin C and nutrients Khadi fruit face pack is designed for all skin types and have anti-ageing formula. This composition is useful in treating pimples acne marks scars pigments and wrinkles. Khadi fruit  face pack detoxifies your skin and supplies sufficient vitamin oils to skin. It penetrates  the subcutaneous tissues in order to deliver the required nutrient oils to skin. Khadi fruit  face pack is effective in anti acne treatment of the facial tissues.

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Khadi Fruit Face Pack 50 gm

Khadi fruit face pack reduces the scars and acnes of facial skin due to the fruit  base. Using a face mask is one of the important step of a good skin regimen. Khadi fruit  face pack blankets the skin helping the active ingredients penetrate. Removes the dead cell of the skin. Khadi face pack provides a soothing and relaxing effect on skin improving skin texture and complexion. Harmful effects of pollution and harsh climates can be effectively combated  with the judicial use of khadi fruit face pack. Formation of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging of skin can be effectively controlled by using  Khadi fruit face pack face mask to tighten and tone the skin. Hydrate the skin. To nourish and draw out impurities. Helps the blemishes to heal. Anti ageing.

Features of Fruit Face Pack 50 gm:

  • Brand: Khadi
  • Product: fruit face pack
  • Product code: KN0447
  • Benefit: Anti ageing
  • Nature: organic
  • Suitable for: men and women
  • Ideal for: for oily skin
  • Volume: 100 ml
  • Paraben free: yes
  • SLS free: yes