ShockWatch2 Impact Indicator - 15G

ShockWatch2 Impact Indicator - 15G

Reference: SW215G Brand: ShockWatch

ShockWatch2 Impact Indicator

The ShockWatch 2 Impact Indicator (15G) helps to efficiently warns all the people everywhere that your shipment should be moved with greatest care and that it is being observed for mismanagement. These are a onetime use, go or no go devices that decides and indicates if delicate products have fallen during transference or in the storage unit.

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Impact Indicator

Each incredible ShockWatch 2 has a private identifier to help with its traceability. When purchasing an impact indicator, one must essentially keep in mind the mass and size of the cargo that is being transported. This shockwatch 2 impact indicator, has a sensitivity range of 15G and a 5 to 50 MS time period. It can operate fine in temperatures between -25° C and 80° C or -13° to 176° F.

This delightful Impact indicator by shockwatch 2 (15G) has been particularly designed to keep your freight safe and make it stress-free to locate accountability in case something goes off beam. Now you do not have to fear about your gear as much as you did beforehand. It defends you from damaging your own cargo when it is shipped. It is very easy to use and gives very precise results to guard you from paying a lot of damage charge. It very easily fastens to your cargo as well.


  • Sensitivity range of 15G
  • Duration: 5-50ms
  • Operative temperature: -25 to 80°C or -13 to 176°F


Size1.69in x 1.69in x 0.25in