ShockWatch2 Impact Indicator 10G

ShockWatch2 Impact Indicator 10G

Reference: SW210G Brand: ShockWatch

ShockWatch Impact Indicator

The ShockWatch2 Impact Indicator (10G) is a very easily noticeable device that will start to work when an influence level to the freight exceeds a level that has been decided by you earlier and in accordance to your needs. Generally attached on a wrapping container, this device helps to successfully and visually make everyone involved in the package management process alert that extra care is essential. 

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ShockWatch Impact Indicator

The devices are ground armable which cannot be meddled with on any circumstance and that turn a very bright shade of red when an impact beyond the precise threshold has happened. Shockwatch 2 has created this very valuable device to help you scratch down on your cost that is suffered by harms in transportation and even storing.

The Shockwatch 2 Impact indicator (5G) has a sensitivity variety of 5G and has a time period of 5 to 50ms. The device helps the producers to adhere to the quality that they have fixed and not carry damaged goods. The recipient of the cargo will also be cautioned in advance to check the cargo and only then take the goods. The indicator helps you to also recognise that your packaging is accurate and that there are no faults in your supply chain.


  • Has a 5G sensitivity range
  • Cannot be tampered with
  • Protects your fragile cargo
  • Duration of 5-50ms
Size1.69in x 1.69in x 0.25in