Cobra Pepper Spray Magnum Pack of 3

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Cobra Pepper Spray Magnum

Cobra Pepper Spray Magnum Pack of 3, is the perfect gift for Women Self Defense. It the most apt self defense device as it is really easy to carry around in your pocket or handbag and is really light. The Cobra Pepper Spray is so strong that the effect lasts for upto 4 hours, with no permanent after-effects. Make A Pepper Spray a regular part of your travel habits, to make sure you are protected at all times. It is easy to carry without adding wieght or space in your hand bag.

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Cobra Magnum Pepper Spray Online

Buy Pepper Spray Online in India

Cobra Magnum has become a brand which resonates Self Defense, it is the perfect gadget for women to protect herself against attacks. She can take this into action within 3 seconds, just in case. Make sure that you know how to use a pepper spray in times of need. You should know how to lock and open the lock of the pepper spray bottle.

How to Use Pepper Spray ?

Just making sure you carry a pepper spray is not enough, you need to know how to use it. In look and feel, and use a pepper spray bottle is similar to Hair Spray. Always try a couple of times practising spraying the can using your thumb or index finger.

Features and Benefits of Buying Pepper Spray:

  • Step Lock Mechanism;Ensures safety against accidental discharge.
  • Belt/bag clip for easy access and carrying convenience.
  • "Draw & Fire" Design.
  • Single hand Operation.
  • Powerful spray Effective range up to 12ft.
  • High flow spray/Shot Gun Spray pattern.
  • Enough to handle a small mob of 10/12 people.
  • Causes no known permanent damage or scars.
  • Effects are temporary and wear off in 2-3 hours.
  • Highly effective and powerful chilli spray.

Self Defense experts advice every women to carry a pepper spray handy with them at all times. Special cases where you should keep a pepper spray even while travelling in a personal car should also be considered. Usage of Pepper Spray in India has increased multiple times, as the awareness has grown among the women.

Net Content55 ml/Bottle
Pack SizePack of 3