Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer 75ml Pack of 3 MINT

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The PeeSafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer shields you from germs and contaminations on the toilet seat and is your convenient hygiene essential, one of the things you cannot leave home without. Lightweight bottle of PeeSafe is the ideal friend while voyaging. It eliminates germs, decreases the danger of Urinary Tract Infections and fits into bag of any size. The striking mint scent comforts your sanitation experience.

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The combo set consists of 3 bottles, each of 75 ml PeeSafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray. Simple to use, shake it, spray it and your toilet seat is absolutely sanitized. Peesafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray disinfects the seat and shieldyou from the invisible  germs sneaking around it. The invigorating mint aroma comforts your sanitation, saving you from the stinky smell Be it home, restaurant or any open washroom, simply spray.

PeeSafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer on your toilet seat, hold up for few seconds and you're all set to use the seat that's sanitised and clean. The refreshing mint fragrance makes your sanitation experience even more comfortable, saving you from the stinky smell. It can be used on other surfaces such as flush knobs, taps and toilet door handles.

Benefits/Features (in bullet points)
  • Toilet seat sanitizer and deodorizer spray with a pleasant fragrance
  • Protects against germs and bacteria
  • Safeguards from bathroom borne diseases and reduces the risk of UTI
  • Travel-friendly, easy to carry aerosol spray bottle
  • Can also be used on other toilet surfaces like taps, flush and door handles
How to use
  1. Shake your PeeSafe bottle and spray it on the toilet seat from a distance of about 25 cms.
  2. PeeSafe takes upto 10 seconds to dry up completely protecting against all the harmful bacteria and leaving no residual on the seat.
  3. The toilet is completely sanitized for use with a pleasant fragrance.

Dimension4.375" x 1.5" x 6"
Size75 ml/42 grams
No. of spray per bottle150
Spray Distance25 cms