Pee Safe Multi-Use Wet Wipes

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PeeSafe Multi-Use Wet Wipes

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PeeSafe has now launched PeeSafe Multi-Use Wet Wipes, which can be used as face wipes as well as sanitization wipes for handles, bars, phones, keyboard or almost any surface.
Keep these Wet Wipes handy with yourself when travelling or in office, easy to carry pack of 10 pieces of Multi Use Wet Wipes.

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Pee Safe Multi-Use Wet Wipes

These wipes can be used in restaurants before and after having food. These wipes remove dirt from furniture, cutleries as well as skin. You must wipe your hands well before consuming food as germs might enter body through fingers and mouth.

Especially during travel, you come in contact with public arenas where germs might prevail. In flights you meet different people and use public washroom, thus, these multi use wipes from Pee Safe protect against pathogens and keep you disease free and healthy.

Pee Safe multi use wipes can be easily used while travelling by vehicles like cars, vans or buses. You come in contact with dirt and dust that might be ailing for your health. Hence, these wipes cater for your cleanliness and hygiene.

At home, you must keep your aura clean and safe from any kind of infectious diseases. Washrooms, furniture, cutlery, books, or clothes might carry dust and germs. Therefore, once you use these wipes to remove such dirt, you are absolutely free of fear from infections.

At office, you are prone to attract germs from other people around you. Washrooms, office cabin, stationery are generally used by a number of people. So, such wipes keep you safe and protected from infections and diseases.

During sports or work out regime, an athlete might get injured and catch germs or microbes. These multi use wipes mop the injured part of skin and remove disease causing germs and dirt. Over and above you get a healthy and happy life altogether. 

Pack Size10 Pcs
Type Multi-Use Wet Wipes