Whisper Ultra Clean Regular - 8 Pads

Whisper Ultra Clean Regular - 8 Pads

Reference: 4902430530224 Brand: Whisper Pads

Whisper Ultra Clean Regular - 8 Pads

Whisper Ultra provides superior long lasting protection*. Its Dri-Weave™ Cover provides soft, dry protection and the Super Absorbent Core pulls fluid deep into the core and away from the edges. Use the Regular pad for days when your period flow is moderate.

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Whisper Ultra Clean Regular - 8 Pads

Whisper Ultra Clean 8 Pads Regular is the longest sanitary napkin available in the Indian market. Its special Lock-Away Absorbency technology has the capacity to absorb several times their own weight, giving you a complete dry feeling through out the day. Recommended for heavy to extra heavy flow.


  • Dri-Weave Topsheet: These sanitary pads have a dry weave top sheet that does not retains any moisture leaving you confident and free all day during periods.
  • Faster Absorbency: These sanitary pads quickly absorbs in the liquid leaving the top sheet dry so that you concentrate on your work without any stain worries.
  • Stretchable Wings: These sanitary pads come with stretchable wings that sticks on the your panty protecting it from getting stained. As the pad does not move, it also protects you from rashes.
  • Silk and comfortable: The pads have soft top cover protects you from any rash keeps you feeling focussed and confident.
  • Quick easy wrap to dispose: No need to have a seperate bag to dispose-of the pad. You can quickly tuck the pad in and dispose of it no matter where you are.
  • Contains 8 Pads.