Stayfree Advanced All Night Ultra-Comfort XL with Wings (7 Pads)

Stayfree Advanced All Night Ultra-Comfort XL with Wings (7 Pads)

Reference: 8901012165430 Brand: Johnson & Johnson

Stayfree Advances All Night

Stayfree ultra night pad provides you long lasting protection throughout the night. Nearly 40% longer, they have five times more absorbency and wider backs for better coverage to protect against back leakage. The lock core of the sanitary napkin helps absorb fluid to convert it into gel to give you an all night protection from menstrual ruckus. They are made up of a soft cotton material for extra comfort. It prevents rashes, odour and irritation of the skin. They are easy to carry and dispose because of their dimensions.

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Stayfree Advanced All Night Ultra Comfort

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These sanitary napkins contain highly absorbent materials to soak as much blood as they can. The stayfree sanitary napkins are manufactured by Johnson & Johnson and has a trusted name in the consumer product market. These stayfree advanced ultra comfort napkins come with a special design to prevent odour and absorb the discharge on nights of heavier flow.

The smell of your period remains a secret as the odour absorbing technology soaks in all the bad smell and also, the sanitary napkins contain extracts of natural plants. You have nothing to worry about when you’re on your cycle, as this ultra comfort napkin takes care of all your problems. The mild fragrance of the stayfree napkin offers a good odour control. Although these napkins are long with extra wings, they should be changed regularly after 4-5 hours. At night, you can feel free and use just one. This is a pack of 7 pads and will last your entire cycle. Solve all your period problems by using this unique technical sanitary napkin from Johnson & Johnson.

BrandJohnson & Johnson
No. of Pads7