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Saviour Latex Hand Gloves

Saviour Latex Hand Gloves

Reference: HNPLTX14 Brand: Saviour

Saviour Latex Hand Gloves

The Saviour Latex Hand Gloves, sized 14 inches, are hand gloves made from strong and durable latex, keeping your hands safe and protected. These are very good in use of handling chemicals or infected items. These are cheap and keep you hygienic. They are sanitary and hardly affect your sense of touch, so that you do not have to take off your hand gloves at all to touch, hold or feel any specific item or surface. They protect your hands from any sort of fluids, chemicals as well as infections and diseases that spread easily. The Latex material does not absorb any fluid but simply allows it to slip off its surface.

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Saviour Latex Hand Gloves

The Saviour Latex Hand Gloves have been made of a very durable material that provides complete protection and sanitation to you and your hands. Doctors have said that most germs travel from your hands and into your mouth. These gloves ensure that that doesn’t happen. They can also be used while dusting the house or washing the utensils, for a hygienic effect and can also be worn in industries that work with any sort of chemicals or harmful fluids. Doctors, nurses and pharmacists use these for sanitary purposes so that germs and diseases don’t transfer from one person to another.

The Latex Hand Gloves give you a feel of security and are not at all irritable to use. They fit almost any hand size and can be used for various uses, and not just at the doctor’s office.

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