Utility Blades Ceramic by Slice

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Utility Blades Ceramic by Slice

Utility blades are useful in cutting hides and cordage, scraping hides, butchering animals, cleaning fish and other tasks. Each pack contains 2 rounded tip ceramic utility blades. These blades are non conductive and non magnetic that makes it a safe tool to use. This can be easily used as the blades are sharper than traditional metal blades. It has a rounded tip that is meant to provide added safety. With use of these blades you will require less amount of blade changes, hence there is fewer amount of injuries that can be caused to any user. These ceramic replacement blades can be used with any knife handles for your daily usage. Slice products make you work comfortably and easily with care and safety.


  • Rounded tip for safety
  • Rust free, chemically inert
  • Oil free
  • Safer than traditional metal blades
  • Non conductive, non magnetic
  • Sharper
  • Less blade changes, hence less injuries
  • Measures 63 * 19* 0.8 mm
  • Weight: 3 gm


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