Tweezers with Combo Edge by Slice - Red

by Slice
Rs. 1,480.00

Tweezers with Combo Edge by Slice

Using tweezer will give you an experience like you have had never before. It is available in 100% stainless steel and soft touch non slip finish. The Slice Combo Tweezer is perfectly aligned with hand-filed combination pointed and slanted tips give a comfortable grip for expert precision. It is ideal for brow and general precision tweezing and great for coarse hair and short stubs. This is sanitizable hence can be cleaned before and after use with no worries of infections. Stainless steel gives it a long lasting life because of its non rust property. Its extra wide comfort grip allows you to hold and handle the tool carefully. This feature of the product makes you work precisely. Combo edge has both slanted and pointed tip that easily helps in cosmetic and other surgeries as well.


  • Combo pointed and pointed tip
  • Stainless steel
  • 100% sanitizable
  • Increased strength and control
  • Extra wide comfort grip
  • Ideal for precision tweezing
  • Hard filed, perfectly aligned tips

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