TVH Load Wheel 0039903512

by TVH
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TVH Load Wheel 0039903512

Known for its accurate dimensions and design, the load wheel is fabricated using polyurethane material. The product is quality tested and is long lasting. It is known for its authentic quality and sturdiness.

Specifications :

Sort of roller : STANDARD ROLLER

Type of roller : WITH BEARING

Diameter of the roller D (mm) : 84.5

Width of the roller W (mm) : 60

Shaft diameter AX (mm) : 12

Sort of bearing : WATERPROOF SEAL

Clamping length CL (mm) : 65

Material of the roller : POLYURETHANE

Roller material detail : POLYURETHANE

Reduction bushing present : No

Bushing between bearings present : UNKNOWN

Groove for circlip present : No

Rim and tyre : No

Suitable for coldstore use : No

One side is closed : No

Grease nipple present : No