TVH Load Wheel 0029903807

by TVH
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TVH Load Wheel 0029903807

Fabricated using polyurethane material, the TVH Load Wheel 0029903807 is a genuine product used during industrial works. The design and dimensions of the wheel is perfect as it is well-equipped and sturdy in construction.


Sort of load wheel : STANDARD LOAD WHEEL

Type of load wheel : WITHOUT BEARING

Diameter of the wheel D (mm) : 285

Width of the wheel W (mm) : 100

Diameter of the bearing chamber 1 D-BC1 (mm) : 68

Depth of the bearing chamber 1 H-BC1 (mm) : 22

Diameter of the bearing chamber 2 D-BC2 (mm) : 68

Depth of the bearing chamber 2 H-BC2 (mm) : 17

Hub length HL (mm) : 62

Material of the wheel (grouped) : POLYURETHANE

Wheel material detail : VULKOLLAN

Material of the rim : CAST IRON

Diameter of the rim D-RIM (mm) : 228

Width of the rim W-RIM (mm) : 100

Rim and tyre : True

Gear ring present : WITHOUT GEAR RING

Groove for circlip present : FALSE

Reduction bushing present : FALSE

Bushing between bearings present : No

Suitable for coldstore use : FALSE

One side is closed : FALSE

Thread guards (FA-ready) : WITHOUT THREAD GUARDS

Grease nipple present : NO