TVH Load Wheel 220212

by TVH
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TVH Load Wheel 220212

Fabricated using polyurethane material, the TVH load wheel 220212 provides solid performance that creates a lasting impression. It also ensures longer functional life as its quality tested.

Specifications :

Specifications :

Sort of roller : STANDARD ROLLER

Type of roller : WITH BEARING

Diameter of the roller D (mm) : 84

Width of the roller W (mm) : 74

Shaft diameter AX (mm) : 13

Sort of bearing : WATERPROOF SEAL

Clamping length CL (mm) : 76

Material of the roller : POLYURETHANE

Roller material detail : POLYURETHANE

Reduction bushing present : Yes

Bushing between bearings present : UNKNOWN

Groove for circlip present : No

Rim and tyre : No

Suitable for coldstore use : No

One side is closed : No

Grease nipple present : No