TVH Drive Wheel 9815054219

by TVH
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TVH Drive Wheel 9815054219

TVH Drive Wheel 9815054219 is tested on various parameters by qualified controllers. Known for its enhanced durability, the wheel is manufactured with polyurethane material. It doesn't require any maintenance as it is known for its sturdiness.

Specifications :

Sort of traction wheel : STANDARD TRACTION WHEEL

Diameter of the wheel D (mm) : 343

Width of the wheel W (mm) : 135

Diameter of the rim D-RIM (mm) : 286

Width of the rim W-RIM (mm) : 135

Shaft diameter AX1 (mm) : 80

Outer offset of the flange OFS-OUT (mm) : 19

Thickness of the flange TH-FL (mm) : 13

Material of the wheel (grouped) : POLYURETHANE

Wheel material detail : VULKOLLAN

Shape of the tread : CYLINDRICAL

Wheel profile : SMOOTH

Material of the Rim : CAST IRON

Cam present : FALSE

Number of Bolt Holes : 7


Diameter of the bolt holes D-BH1 (mm) : 15.5

Radius of the countersunk bolt hole R-BH (mm) : 14

Pitch circle diameter D-PITCH (mm) : 112

Rim and Tyre : FALSE

Suitable for coldstore use : FALSE

One side is closed : FALSE