TVH Drive Wheel 802846

by TVH
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TVH Drive Wheel 802846

Fabricated using polyurethane material, the TVH Drive Wheel 802846 has a crowned shaped thread with smooth wheel. Longer service life, constant performance and greater efficiency are other advantages of it.

Specifications :

Sort of traction wheel : STANDARD TRACTION WHEEL

Diameter of the wheel D (mm) : 250

Width of the wheel W (mm) : 82

Diameter of the rim D-RIM (mm) : 204

Width of the rim W-RIM (mm) : 82

Shaft diameter AX1 (mm) : 80

Outer offset of the flange OFS-OUT (mm) : 10

Thickness of the flange TH-FL (mm) : 12

Material of the wheel (grouped) : POLYURETHANE

Wheel material detail : POLYURETHANE

Shape of the tread : CROWEND

Radius of the crowned tread : R250

Wheel profile : SMOOTH

Material of the Rim : CAST IRON

Cam present : FALSE

Number of Bolt Holes : 5


Diameter of the bolt holes D-BH1 (mm) : 18.5

Biggest diameter of the bolt holes D-BH2 (mm) : 24

Radius of the countersunk bolt hole R-BH (mm) : 14

Pitch circle diameter D-PITCH (mm) : 112

Rim and Tyre : FALSE

Suitable for coldstore use : FALSE

One side is closed : FALSE