Slice Ceramic Precision Cutter

by Slice
Rs. 765.00

Slice 00116 Precision Cutter with Slice Micro-Ceramic Safety Blade

The safety precision knife cutter cuts complex shapes into paper, cardstock, poster board and much more. Precision cutter uses ceramic blades, hence there is fewer blade changes which mean less injuries caused to the user.
The blades are available in packs of 4, that are non magnetic and non conductive. Its soft rubberised touch grip allows you to handle the tool comfortably with care. This gives a perfect outcome during your work. This is perfect for use in labs, homes, offices and industries. As compared to traditional kitchen knives, this precision cutter is an ideal product that is safer and sharper.


    • Safer than kitchen knives, sharper
    • Perfect for making intricate designs
    • Non conductive, non magnetic
    • Chemically inert, oil free
    • Perfect for PCB network, home, labs etc
    • Measures 155 L * 15 mm diameter
    • High rubberised interior grip
    • Weight: 22 gm

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