ShockWatch WarmMark Duo Temperature Indicator

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WarmMark Duo Temperature Indicator

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The duo temperature indicator indicates the duration of temperature at two different activation levels. If the window of the indicator says white, then there’s nothing to worry. But if the temperature climbs beyond the two given thresholds, then a red dye moves through the window indicating problem. When the temperature returns to normal, the dye stops moving. In this way the shippers can know how long the product was exposed to unwanted temperature. This duo indicator monitors for the length of time above 10 degree and for brief excursions above 34.

The brand Shockwatch has been a global leader in engineering tilt indicators, temperature monitoring and impact indicator devices. Shockwatch basically offers a complete range of solutions designed to protect your products from impact and tilt at any point during supply, be it shopping via truck, air, rail or sea. At Shockwatch, we promise to provide you with reliable and accurate information about the environment and events that will alert the customers if their products are handled with care or not and even when their products are outside their direct control. Our objective at Shockwatch is to give the customers their peace of mind. We want that our customers be totally carefree while shipping their quality products.


Activation temperatures
10°C and 34°C / 50°F and 93°F

Response Time
Up to 3 days, 8 days, 14 days

0.75 in × 3.88 in × 0.06 in / 19 mm x 98.1 mm x 1.5 mm

Pressure sensitive



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