Safety Awareness e-Book

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Safety Awareness E Book

Accidents might occur anytime, anywhere, thus every road traveller must be aware about their surroundings while on road. We notice and see the danger only when it hits or confronts us until late. Similarly, the ability to visually search the road and look for hazards is an essential skill for all smart drivers. This book helps you to understand being aware of every situation around you and be careful to lead a happy and safe life. There are a few tips that every driver must follow. These are:

  • Look Ahead: Drivers must be alert and aware while driving on roads at any time. They should make sure they see ahead while driving.
  • Look Behind: Before backing up, drivers should turn their head to look all the way behind and around the car.

It takes only a little practise to train your brain to be aware of every situation. Drivers must know to check the rear view mirror periodically and in following situations:

  • Before braking
  • While stopped in traffic
  • Before and after turning
  • Before and After changing lanes

This book deals with creating awareness about road safety rules and situations. This is how you are aware of every situations that occur suddenly.