GymSafe - Gym Equipment Sanitizer Spray 40ml

by PeeSafe
Rs. 135.00

GymSafe - Gym Equipment Sanitizer Spray

While the world remains precautious against germs and diseases, gym centers are a source of germs that are spreading at an alarming rate. With many using the gym equipment for their daily workouts, gyms centers tend to be another area where illness causing bacteria thrive. The running warm machines offer the best environment for the germs to flourish. They can get on your hands and spread to foods. With many gyms not resorting to proper sanitizing methods of the gym machinery, gyms are yet another growing breeding grounds for disease causing germs. Use Gym Safe on your Treadmill, bench press, dumb bells, exercise-cycle, leg extension machine, etc. before your start and experience a germ free deodorized workout.



  • Protects from germs present on Gym equipments.
  • Sleek design, easy to carry.
  • IPA formulation starts sanitizing with a few seconds of application.
  • Experience a deodorized work-out.
  • Leaves no residue behind.