Free Safety Ebook on Accident Investigation

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Accident Investigation E Book

Investigating a workplace accident is necessary to find out the reason or the cause of the accident and to prevent reoccurrence of such accidents. This is done to fulfil legal requirements, to determine the cost of accident, to determine compliance with applicable safety regulations and to process workers’ compensation claims. Incidents that involve no injury or damage should also be investigated to determine hazards that need to be corrected.

Generally, investigations should be conducted by someone who is experienced in accident causation, investigative techniques, procedures, fully knowledgeable of work processes and industrial environment of a given situation.

A trial investigation is always required where in the following processes must be conducted.

  • Know the accident site
  • Identify and keep apart witnesses to the event
  • Call and interview witnesses
  • Return to accident site with information
  • Click photographs on incident area
  • Mark out impact points
  • Check and document if any safety breach has occurred
  • Visit injured worker
  • Write a report
  • Pass investigation to senior manager for review
  • On completion run Safety Alert and topic on the accident or incident.