Forklift Operator Safety and Operation eBook

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Forklift Operator Safety and Operation E Book

Forklift Operator-Safety and Operations is an eBook that deals with explaining you the ways how a forklift works and its safety measures that must be taken care of. A forklift operator is responsible for whatever happens. Every operator of a mobile plant must inspect the condition of the mobile plant.

The book explains the ways every operator must ensure about:

  • The operating area is clear
  • There are no other vehicles or pedestrians in the area
  • The overhead area is clear
  • Do not drive with a load higher than just below the front axle
  • When travelling in reverse, you must drive slower than normal, and keep an eye out of any dangers
  • Do not jump from the machine
  • Brace your feet and hold on to the steering wheel

Only licensed and authorised operators are permitted to operate fork lifts, seat belts must always be worn, no person should stand under elevated portion of a fork lift. Always maintain the designated speed limits in the area of operation. And never drive mobile plant at a speed on bad road conditions, forklifts can or tip over totally.