Fire Extinguisher Use and Fire Containment E book

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Fire Extinguisher Use and Fire Containment E book

This book helps you to know the steps while caught in a fire or any such emergency. Staff must be trained in the correct use of extinguishing mediums, or evacuation drills with a good knowledge on how to deal with a fire until fire brigade arrives. A flashover is dangerous, thus you must be alert on seeing smoke coming from under a door, you must feel the heat from door before opening.

This book explains you safety steps against fire. You must know the following:

  • Raise the alarm
  • Call emergency services
  • Remove combustibles
  • Notify other staff and people to evacuate building
  • Notify emergency services about the position of the room where you believe the fire is in

Similarly it helps you understand the safety tips upon discovery of fire or smoke. Follow RACE!

  • R- Remove people from immediate danger
  • A- Alert others and emergency services
  • C- Contain fire and smoke (close doors)
  • E- Evacuate or extinguish

This book also explains you to know what you are using is the correct item for the type of fire you are trying to contain. Using any containment medium, the user tries to aim at the base of the fire to inhibit oxygen, cool the burning material or remove the fire totally.