Drilling Down Into Hazards & Risks E Book

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This ebook helps you find out those hidden hazards that have a low probability and high consequence of injury. Low probability hazards are those that may never have caused any injury or problem in the workplace. These hazards never cause the problem, therefore are ignored or never identified, to begin with.

There are different ways to find out the low probability and high consequence hazards by creating a hazard register wherein all kinds of hazards can be listed and look to available injury data associated with your industry and do a comparison with what you find out. This book helps you distinguish between toxicity and hazard. There is a tendency to believe that if only small amounts of a chemical are needed to cause poisoning, then the chemical is hazardous. Again, a highly toxic chemical can have a low health hazard if it is used with proper precautions and care. Similarly, a low toxic chemical may have a high health hazard if it is used carelessly. Toxicity of a chemical cannot be changed but the hazard it presents can be controlled and minimized.