Adco Barton Door Block - LH

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Adco Barton Door Block - LH

It solves the problem of injuries from doors. You can install it on any interior doors to protect your child’s sensitive fingers. It is a convenient block that can installed manually within seconds and helps you in the long run. This device doesn’t have to be turned on. It is working throughout the day and whenever you don’t feel its need, you can simply remove it from the door without causing any damage. Adco Barton Door Block for a left sided door is ideal for any home or commercial use such as schools, retirement homes, recreational centres etc. You need no tools in installing this device on your doors. You can simply unpack it and with the instructions, add it to your doors to ensure the safety of the little fingers. It comes with an adhesive liner that sticks it on the door and by removing the liner, you can remove the block from the door, leaving no marks. The hanging handle allows you to open or close the door whenever needed. So ensure the safety of your little one’s with Adco Barton Door Block.

Features of Adco Barton Door Block - LH :

  • Automatic door block
  • Prevents door slams
  • Protects tiny fingers
  • Fits all interior doors
  • Installs in seconds
  • No tools needed
  • Adult override


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