A Guide To Chemical Handling & Storage - eBook

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Chemical Handling & Storage

This eBook guides the reader to store and handle chemicals safely. Systems for storage and handling of chemicals require on going maintenance to ensure that they continue to be safe for use. To ensure the integrity of hazardous chemical handling systems is preserved, planned and maintenance programmes should be designed and carried out at regular intervals.

Any person conducting a business or undertaking, must prevent possibility of fire or explosion from an ignition of flammable substances. They should:

  • Identifying and managing hazardous areas
  • Controlling emissions of flammable vapors, gases and mists
  • Using safe and flameproof equipment
  • Ensuring incompatible materials
  • Adopting good housekeeping practices to minimise accumulation of combustible dusts.
  • This book helps you know more on handling and storing chemicals by the following ways.
  • Treat every chemical as toxic
  • Always clean up spills
  • Always wash your hands and face after handling chemicals
  • Do not pollute the environment by tipping chemicals

Therefore the eBook helps in learning about handling and storing chemicals and be safe.