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Saviour Safety Spectacles

Saviour Safety Spectacles

Reference: EYSAVSE2282 Brand: Saviour

Saviour Safety Spectacles

These Saviour Safety Spectacles are made up of single polycarbonate optically clear lenses. These can be worn along with prescription glasses. They have been especially designed for people who require prescription glasses to be able to properly see. Ordinary eyewear becomes a hassle and impossible to use by people who wear prescription glasses. Hence, this is a very smart way to provide protection the eyes of people so wear glasses with a power. It is very affordable and a must have as protection to the eyes. Ordinary glasses do not cover the sides and are not made of hard and sturdy material to protect the eyes.

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Saviour Safety Spectacles

The Saviour safety Spectacles are very light to wear and has anti-fog properties, which ensures that neither the eyewear nor your prescription glasses fog up and disrupt your vision. These also help when riding a bike or a scooter, as it does not allow the wind to blow into your eyes and cause irritation and hassles. These also provide protection in industrial and manufacturing industries. A small accident might also prove to be disastrous and so, it is better to be safe than sorry. The spectacles are not expensive and can easily be afforded by almost everyone. It is always better to be safe.

In fact, if something hits the glass, it might smash and get in your eye. Hence, this Saviour Safety Spectacle is very important to keep your eyes protected and safe. It is clear and sturdy and fit easily over your prescription glasses, and are in no way uncomfortable.

TypeEye Glass