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Saviour Safety Eye Wear Clear

Saviour Safety Eye Wear Clear

Reference: EYSAVI1002C Brand: Saviour

Safety Spectacles

The Saviour I-1002 Safety Eyewear (Clear) is made up of of Soft Nylon Material Structure and Tough anti-Scratch and anti-Fog coated Polycarbonate lens. These materials are of very good quality and are also fashionable and stylish. The tough lens of the eyewear protects your eyes from any straying piece of substance that might have a chance of getting into your eyes, at the same time providing absolute clarity. This allows you to do your work without any problems and irritation. Eyes are the most delicate parts of our body and need special care and protection, especially if you are working in industries or manufacturing units. 

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Saviour Safety Eye Wear Clear

The anti-scratch feature of this Saviour I-1002 Safety Eyewear (Clear) ensures that your eyewear remains sturdy and doesn’t break easily. They are very light weight and comfortable at the temples. This does not cause any sort of heaviness or irritation on use. The lens has been especially designed to provide clear vision without disruption. The eyewear comes with a string so that you can hang it around your neck so you don’t lose them. It also comes with a soft pouch to store your eyewear when they are not being used. The eyewear is affordable and very durable, as well as stylish.

The anti-fog feature ensures that you do not lose clarity of vision even during sudden changes in temperatures. You can easily continue with your work without any stops or breaks in flow. This is also helpful to keep the wind away from your eyes in case you ride bikes or scooters.

TypeEye Glass