When is Safety Too Much Safety E Book

When is Safety Too Much Safety E Book

Reference: EBOOK10 Brand: Peter Ribbe Safety E Book

When is Safety Too Much Safety E Book

When is safety too much safety eBook tells us that too much safety is also not good at times. Some times safety intrudes into our daily lives. Obsession with safety has an opposite effect of the one intended.

Similarly always wearing a sun block promotes skin cancer. Healthy tan from sunrays protects skin from burns that cause skin cancer. Without a tan, pale skin might get sunburned on accident. Its not the tan but the burn that harms your skin.

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When is Safety Too Much Safety E Book 

This book tells us how too much safety affects us. For example if a mother is determined to keep her child from all pain, the result is a danger as there is more harm and less happiness. Avoiding germs gives you a weak immune system , important safety standards may cost lives etc.

The book pens down examples of risking life and explains why we should risk our lives sometimes. When people indulge in adventure sports, they often know the associated dangers and risks, but still they go on. Life is short and full of risks. So risk and enjoy life while you can.