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Listerine Cool Citrus 250ml

Listerine Cool Citrus 250ml

Reference: 8901012135020 Brand: Listerine

Listerine Cool Citrus 250ml

Formulated of menthol, eucalyptol, methyl salicylate and thymol, the Listerine cool citrus mouthwash is a must buy. These specially formulated ingredients help prevent oral problems. The mouthwash fights germs that cause bad breath, gum problems and plaque. This special mouthwash has a mild orange flavour to it.

It makes mouthwash experience a delightful one. This product not only looks after your oral health but also cares to provide you with a pleasant experience. 


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Listerine Cool Citrus 250ml

This mouthwash will provide 24 hours protection along with the ultimate power to kill germs that lead to foul breath, gum diseases and plaque. It has clinically proven health and oral benefits. It provides 21% greater gingivitis reduction than normal flossing and brushing alone. This mouthwash has 100% coverage on teeth, between the teeth and along the gum line.

It reduces 52% more plaque than routine brushing and flossing. Listerine is the one and only national antimicrobial mouthwash brand to receive the ADA seal of acceptance for fighting plaque and gingivitis.  Use the cool citrus mouthwash for amazing oral benefits.

Adding a 30 second rinse with the cool citrus mouthwash to your morning and night time routine is all it takes to get a 24 hour protection against plaque causing germs. This product should be rinsed undiluted for 30 seconds with 20 ml, twice a day. It should be used after eating or drinking and a gap of 30 minutes should be maintained for maximum benefit. It shouldn’t be swallowed and kept out of the reach of children. 


  • Recommended to use twice daily for 30 seconds.
  • Reduces plaque by 56%.
  • Kills up to 99% of bad oral bacteria.
  • Contains 4 essential oils which make it effective against plaque and bad bacteria.
  • Citrus flavoured for a milder alternative to mint.