If you are talented, hard working and have zeal to get the best out of you, then is the right place for you. You will find a lot of dedicated and smart working people who will help you in your work whenever you need them. Our focus this year is to strengthen our team. We love to accept challenges and if you are ready to help us in achieving each of the challenge, then don’t wait to send your resume to us. Send it on

We work as a team.

SafetyKart is a small team of 15 odd people that love to handle pressure of work. Each day SafetyKart face new challenges that are completed by the young team of ours in a smarter way. The place is full of fun, laughter, enjoyment, gossips, food and work!

We need smart people

SafetyKart is always ready to hire the fresh talent who can tackle the situations better. If you think that you are of that kind, then SafetyKart is the right place for you.

Great Atmosphere.

The atmosphere of SafetyKart is just like your own home. People are friendly with whom you can discuss anything. Better understanding, passion for work, helping others are some of the advantages which you will find at SafetyKart.