Khadi Under Eye Gel 50 gm

Khadi Under Eye Gel 50 gm

Reference: KN0775 Brand: Khadi Natural

Khadi Under Eye Gel 50 gm

Khadi under eye gel is an anti ageing gel which can be used all day throughout under the eye area. It soothes eyes and removes dark circles and swells if any from eyes leaving it fresh bright and energetic. Khadi under eye gel is made of almond oil,jaiphal oil,sunflower oil,sandal oil,wheatgerm oil,olive oil,aloevera,soya protein and cream base.

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Khadi Under Eye Gel 50 gm

Khadi under eye gel works on eye area and overall eye experience. Eye is most sensitive area of human body and mostly used too. We can’t keep our eyes closed anyway and it becomes easy for all pollutants,chemicals,dust, dirt to enter indide eyes.Most people spend most of the time infront f laptops,computers and television and which keeps eyes unhydrated and puffy. Khadi eye gel works on dark circles, fine lines,wrinkles and rejenuvates eyes making it bright and vibrant.It can be used whole day long while indoors or outdoors.The khadi under eye gel is 100% organic and herbal based.It provides an instant cooling sensatioin and fresh life to our most precious gems.

Features of Under Eye Gel 50 gm:

  • Brand: Khadi
  • Product: under eye gel
  • Product code: KN0775
  • Benefits: Eye care
  • Ideal for: both men and women
  • Suitable for: all skin types
  • Nature: organic
  • Paraben free: yes