Khadi Lavender & Basil Bath Salt 200 gm

Khadi Lavender & Basil Bath Salt 200 gm

Reference: KN2397 Brand: Khadi Natural

Khadi Lavender & Basil Bath Salt 200 gm

khadi lavender & basil  is a bath salt made with all the goodness of lavender oil and basil extracts. Ingredients are  natural humectants, it draws moisture from air in to the skin and ensures its retained it in the layers where its needed more penetrating. Also it provides long lasting hydration. lavender oil is well known for its calming properties. Lavender oil is wonderfully uplifting,calming,flowery scent and is used to support the circulatory and nervous systems. 

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Khadi Lavender & Basil Bath Salt 200 gm

A great deal of khadi lavender & basil bath salts strength lies in its ability to revitalize body tissues. khadi khadi lavender & basil bath salt is a combination of sea salt,magnesium sulphate,dead salt,glycerin, almond oil, vitamin oil,baking soda,lavender oil and basil oil. After a long day a nice long soak in hot bath is always rejuvenating. Also basil  is natural antigenic, antidepressant antiseptic and anti inflammatory. All you have to do is put a small quantity in warm water and use in bathing or to dip your foot.

Adding a pinch of bath salt turns it into an amazing experience. Not only it gives a nice aroma for your bath it eases tension, heals sore and tired feet, stiff back and soothe your eyes. khadi lavender & basil  opens up the skin pores to purify skin, cleansing the dirt sweat and toxins away.It also helps to improve the irritations such as insect bites minor rashes and reduces heat and sweat.

Features of Lavender & Basil Bath Salt 200 gm:

  • Brand: Khadi
  • Product: khadi lavender & basil bath salt
  • Product code: KN2397
  • Benefit: Rejuvenating and antifungal bath salt.
  • Nature: organic
  • Suitable for: men and women
  • Ideal for: all skin types
  • Volume: 200g
  • Paraben free: yes