Spraymintt Instant Mouth Freshener - Thanda Pan

Spraymintt Instant Mouth Freshener - Thanda Pan

Reference: 8906006640085 Brand: Midas Care

Spraymintt Instant Mouth Freshener - Thanda Pan

The Spraymintt Instant Mouth Freshner is a sugar-free and non-alcoholic spray that kicks off the bad breath and leaves you with a wave of freshness day in and day out. This mouth freshner is completely herbal and does not cause any side effects. It is easily available and quite easy to carry around. It can fit into your handbags and give you a fresh roar to kick start the day. Gone are days where you have to be embarrassed because of bad odour. No matter how many times you brush your teeth or rinse your mouth, bad odour keeps finding its way back to you. 

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Spraymintt Instant Mouth Freshener - Thanda Pan

Say goodbye to this stink with the Spraymintt Instant Mouth Freshners that come in numerous variants. All these tempting flavours are bound to make your day. Spray this amazing mouth freshner directly into your mouth and feel a huge wave of freshness and coolness. The thanda pan flavour gives you an ecstatic feel. It makes your mouth refreshed and kissable at all times. Now feel free to eat junk because the Spraymintt mouth freshner is always ready to undo the bad breath. It neutralises the bad stink and replaces it with a fresh one.


  •   Sugar-free and non-alcoholic
  •   Long lasting fresh breath
  •   Neutralises the bad odour
  •   Makes you kiss ready
  •   Completely herbal
  •   Instant mouth freshener spray
  •   Easy to carry
  •   Completely handy
  •   Other variants available are: Icy Mint, Breeze Berry, Elaichi, Cold coffee, Chocolate