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Spraymintt Instant Mouth Freshener - SaunfShiver

Spraymintt Instant Mouth Freshener - SaunfShiver

Reference: 8906006640115 Brand: Midas Care

Spraymintt Instant Mouth Freshener - SaunfShiver

Saunf has always made our breath smell refreshing and tasty. It has the property to take away the bad stench and replace it with a fresh one. India’s first instant mouth freshener spray, Spraymintt has been introduced to take away all the embarrassing days out of your life. Totally sugar and calorie free this mouth freshener is made with natural oils. It contains 175 sprays and is free from alcohol. Its ingredient clove oil maintains the oral hygiene at all times. This mouth freshener comes is numerous variants which are equally tempting. It leaves your mouth kiss ready and fresh throughout the day. It gives you the most refreshing and long lasting breath ever.


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Spraymintt Instant Mouth Freshener - SaunfShiver

This mouth freshener’s handy size makes it easy to carry around in handbags. Pop it out and spray it directly into your mouth to neutralise the bad breath. No matter how many times you brush or rinse your mouth, this bad smell finds its way back into your life. It is necessary to maintain oral hygiene and stay clean. Spraymintt mouth fresheners come in multiple variants. All these flavours have an enticing odour which makes you want to use it. Embrace a fresh and long lasting breath with the Spraymintt instant mouth fresheners today.


  •   Sugar-free and non-alcoholic
  •   Long lasting fresh breath
  •   Neutralises the bad odour
  •   Makes you kiss ready
  •   Completely herbal
  •   Instant mouth freshener spray
  •   Easy to carry
  •   Completely handy
  •   Other variants available are: Icy Mint, Breeze Berry, Elaichi, Cold coffee, Chocolate