Omved Sudyuti Healthy Complexion Oil

Omved Sudyuti Healthy Complexion Oil

Reference: SCMO0005 Brand: Omved

Omved Sudyuti Healthy Complexion Oil

Omved Sudyuti Healthy Complexion Oil is a concoction of Ayurvedic oils with anti-ageing properties that have a relaxing, anti-ageing and skin-glow enhancing effect on the skin. It contains the treasure of Ayurveda’s like four types of Ficus (Fig) tree bark skins, Triphala and Saffron and other herbal ingredients that reduce pigmentation and even skin tone for an ageless and spotless naturally fair and glowing skin. It also protects skin from harsh sun ray and heals disorders like eczema and allergies. 

Expiry Date: March 2018

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Omved Sudyuti Healthy Complexion Oil

Healthy Complexion Oil

The Sudyuti Kerathailam Healthy Complexion Oil from Omved is combines Ayurveda’s secrets like the four types of Ficus (fig) tree bark skins (Athi, Peepal, Banyan and Udumbra), Triphala for enhancing your complexion, and Saffron for restoring skin tone along with 25 other potent skin-enhancing herbs like cardamom, cinnamamon, snow lotus from the Himalayas in a base of Virgin Coconut oil and Black Sesame oil. It helps in effectively lightening pigmentation and age spots. The therapeutic oils with anti-ageing properties help you get an age-defying beauty. It also soothes sunburnt skin and protects from UV rays and heals wounds and disorders like eczema and allergic itching. With regular use, you can enjoy a soft, smooth skin with a naturally glowing complexion.

Features of Healthy Complexion Oil:

  • 100 % Natural oil
  • No added artificial fragrances.
  • Ideal for: All skin types
  • Size: 125 ml
  • Recyclable packaging

Ingredients: Eladi kerathailam and Nalpamaradi oils as a base, Herbs like Bark skins of Athi, Peepal, Udumbara and Banyan; Amalaki, Haritaki, Bahera, Sandalwood, Kushta, Ushira, Cardamom, Black Cardamom, Indian Copal, Tejabala, Indian Spikenard, Dalchini, Boda Grass, Lac tree, Shigru, Lomasan, Tagara, Nutmeg, Panchpatri, Deodara, Aguru, Kemuka, Guggulu, Sharapunkha, Khadira, Priyangu, Nagakeshara, Saffron in a base of Black Sesame Oil and Virgin Coconut oil.

Weight125 ml