MOS-QUIT-O Mosquito Repellent Blanket

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MOS-QUIT-O Mosquito Repellent Blanket

A breakthrough in our standard lifestyles, a blanket that is a mosquito repellent, sounds cool, no? So these two young Poddar sisters Kasturi and Shreya came ahead and launched this unique gift which worked nothing less than a boon in a country like India where everyone has been troubled with the mosquito menace over years.

It is a creation of Nidra textiles.  The mechanism of the blanket is simple to understand. It is knitted and dyed and then is made to pass through the chemical which helps in fighting the mosquitoes. 

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MOS-QUIT-O Repellent Blanket

It is made up of cotton and the dimensions are 55”*82”.  Also the blanket is safe from any kinds of allergic reactions since it goes through various number of tests. There are a few colours available, gold being the highest sold one.

The product weighs almost around a kg. It only contains a blanket.  It is an environmental friendly product and is easy to carry. It is also durable and comes with an attractive packaging which is handy and reusable. 

It also meets the Oekotex standards and the level of repellence is upto the WHO standards and poses no harm to human life. It is also completely safe for children and pregnant women. The chemical doesn’t come off even after 50 washes since it uses premium standard quality and is odourless.

It is then put though a heat processor so that chemical is absorbed properly and doesn’t come off from the fabric during washing. It was also tested in WHO certified labs in Mumbai and Germany so that human life isn’t put to risk.


  • 100% Cotton Dyed Knitted Fabric.
  • Special Mosquito Repellant Finish.
  • Does Not Allow Mosquitoes to Bite.
  • Odourless and Harmless.
  • Safe for Children and Pregnant Women too.
  • Long Lasting Repellency.
  • Affordable - Cost Effective.
  • Repellency is up to WHO Standards.
  • Environment Friendly.
  • Compact - Easy to Carry.
  • Blanket Size.

Usage area:

  • At home .
  • At the Garden .
  • In Army Camps .
  • At Picnics .
  • While Camping .
  • While Travelling. 
  • In Boarding Schools .
  • In Hostels. 
  • At Hotels and Resorts .
  • In Hospitals.


Premium Quality 100% cotton yarn is knitted to form the base of MOS-QUIT-O blanket. An Internationally tested and proven mosquito repellant formulation is applied on this base fabric through factory treatment. This scientific formulation seeps into the fabric and binds itself tightly to each fiber which gives Mos-Quit-O blanket a long lasting, odourless, harmless and effective repellency that meets WHO standards.


  • 2 in 1 purpose- a Blanket and a mosquito Repellant.
  • Cozy, Soft and Comfortable.
  • Compact and Easy to carry.
  • Can be used in Outdoor Areas.
  • Can be used in Rooms with Open Windows.
  • No Overuse of Repellant as in case of Fogging and Spraying.
  • No Safety Concerns as the Repellant is not directly on your skin but on the fabric.
  • No Electricity, No Smoke, No Odour and No Harmful Chemicals.
  • Easy to use.

TypeMosquito Repellent Blanket