Jungle Formula Lotion 25ml Head Lice & Eggs Treatment

Jungle Formula Lotion 25ml Head Lice & Eggs Treatment

Reference: 8903453000530 Brand: Jungle Formula

Jungle Formula Head Lice Lotion

Jungle Formula Head lice lotion eliminates lice and eggs absolutely from the root of the hair making it clean and voluminous only in a single use.  This is an unique insecticide that makes you get rid of lice in 15 minutes. The product works in a double action formula that kills the lice & eggs. This is a lice treatment that could be easily done at home.

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Jungle Formula Lotion - Head Lice & Lotion Treatment

Anti Lice Treatment

The lice and eggs lotion kills and clears in 15 minutes, which is easy to use and is chemical free that causes no harm to your hair or skull of any kind. Lice gets on to the hair from other heads or it gets produced if the head is unclean and unwashed for a longer period of time. Lice and the nits cause continuous itching and irritation that affects work. The Jungle Formula lotion is ideal in saying goodbye to the lice and the eggs from your hair. It is clinically tested hence makes perfect for hair lice treatment. The lotion is available for people who don’t want to use the shampoo. The lotion is to be applied directly to the hair, from the roots to the tip.

To get better results, you need to use the head lice shampoo. Wash off the shampoo and rinse hair thoroughly. Before drying your hair, comb using the anti lice comb to get rid off the nits and lice. Head lice treatment smoothens your hair after wash and gives a perfect look once hair gets cleaned off lice. The product is insecticide free and safe and easier to use even for children. The product is tested and proven at the universities of USA, Paris and Jerusalem and is an ideal treatment for head lice. This is a lotion that eliminates lice & eggs along with dust and dandruff making skull clean and hair completely shining without any kind of irritation.


  • Tested and Proven
  • Kills lice and nits
  • Available in 25ml and 50 ml
  • Cleanses and smoothens hair
  • Rid off fro lice in 15 minutes
  • Use with Anti lice comb
BrandJungle Formula
Ideal ForRemoving Lice & Eggs