Chap Ice Liprageous Red Apple Mini Lip Balm

Chap Ice Liprageous Red Apple Mini Lip Balm

Reference: 93000010025 Brand: Chap Ice

Chap Ice Liprageous Red Apple Mini Lip Balm

Chap Ice Liprageous Red Apple is brought to you for your lip care and protection. This lip balm is an ideal product that removes dryness and chapped skin from your lips and gives a smooth lusture that shines and remains soft for a longer time.


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Chap Ice Liprageous Red Apple Mini Lip Balm

Liprageous Red Apple lip balm protects your lips from dryness and prevents chapping off dry lip cells. It has natural extracts of Aloe Vera,Vitamin E,Mineral Oil,Petrolatum,Carnauba Wax,Sodium Saccharin & Flavor. These have different properties that work together to provide you with ultimate care and protection. Your lips need sun protection too! Hence, Chap Ice uses unique ingredients that prevents sun tanning of lips and other lip irritations like itchiness, blemishes or dark spots on lips. This product has SPF formula that works effectively on lips. This lip balm gives a juicy flavoured lips to ensure that your lips do not feel dull or pale again.

Directions for Use:

Clean your lips with wipes and apply this balm on to your lips carefully so that it covers entire lips and moisturises your dry lips. After using the lip balm do not lick or touch your lips. Cover the lip balm with its domed cap after every usage. For best results, use this lip balm on a regular basis and also whenever lips seem to get dried.

After its single usage, you are sure to become addicted to it because of its healing properties. Yes! Addiction becomes care sometimes.


  • Removes dryness
  • Cares for your chapped and rough lips
  • Gives smooth and soft lips
  • Protects lips from harmful rays of sun
  • Flavor: Red Apple
  • Weight: 4.2 gm


Weight 4.2 gm
Flavour Apple