Bear Grylls Survival Torch By Gerber Gear

Reference: GB0018 Brand: Bear Grylls Gerber

Bear Grylls Survival Torch By Gerber Gear

Often while adventure trips campers get stuck in areas where there is less light to survive on and this is when this Bear Grylls Survival Torch By Gerber Gear will be of apt use. Besides camping, this torch will be a good source for survival. This wonder torch is made of modern LED technology and has a feature you can set the modes of brightness you want in it and has a very long battery life.  It has a round shaped rubber grip in the middle of the torch which makes it very easy to grip while using it. The crown is made in a way that you can even make this torch stand tall and use it as an emergency light by placing it on your living room table or kitchen counter when the light goes off. 

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Bear Grylls Survival Torch By Gerber Gear

This torch has enough room to store match sticks and tinder with ease. This survival torch works on AA batteries which are easily available in the market and are of use in other toys and small electronic gadgets. The rear switch of this torch is protected by a crown so that while you take it to travel and store it in your pocket or backpack it doesn’t get on. This weather resistant torch has high quality bulb that won’t burn out. The exterior part of this torch is made of aluminum which anodized in to a cool orange color.

Features of Survival Torch By Gerber Gear:

  • Rear switch covered by crown
  • Modern LED light technology
  • Can store matches & tinders
  • Rubber grip in the middle
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Have 4 power settings